Importance of Story Telling In Content Marketing

Table Of Content
  •  Introduction 
  • Why storytelling?      
  • The 4 common traps     
  • The 360 storytelling framework


Society wouldn’t function without stories.
Our ancestors used to tell survivals stories.
The religions make use of stories to make people accept the faith.
Even today, we make children understand morals or good things via stories.

Nowadays people/businesses are not using stories in their businesses and products. This is why 96% of people say they don't trust ads.

Why do product stories matter?

What is a story?

A memorable way of transmitting the information.

Components of stories

  • Protogonist   
  •  Imagery  
  •  Tension    
  •  Goal   
  •  Obstacles    
  •  Emotions

20 X
More likely to remember facts that are part of a story

Stories fuel production of Oxytocin

  • Cooperation  
  • Empathy 
  •  Generosity  
  •  Compassion

The companies famous for storytelling are

1. FedEx
2. Nike
3. Apple
4. American Express

The 4 common traps for ineffective marketing
Trap #1
You start with you, not ‘THEM”
This means to stand in the shoes of customers and consider yourself as one.
Trap #2
You don’t know what they are really buying
Get to know what they are really buying and understand the motive behind buying.
Trap #3
You are showing not telling
This means you should not only have good images but your copy too should be the best.
Trap #4
You are telling but not showing
This means along with the copy of the images that you show is important.
The 360 storytelling framework

The best stories cover all angles
The Real Problem -> Target a specific audience + Go beyond the problem.
Say It -> Find a unique message to address that problem.
Show It -> Use visuals that directly pay off the message.
Name It -> Give the product a name that pays off the message.
Feel It -> Make them feel the message through the product.

Now, what are you waiting for?
Go write your own story!
Fail, fall and comeback!

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