Why Should You Start Digital Marketing In 2021

Why Should You Start Digital Marketing In 2021

Why should you study digital marketing in 2021?

 Table of Content

  •  Why is it important? 
  •  What are the Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing?
  •   Reasons to choose a Career in Digital Marketing
  •   Benefits of digital marketing
  •   Conclusion
  •   Introduction
  •   Digital marketing: What is it?

You must’ve heard the term digital marketing here and there. It has become a buzzword recently. And why wouldn’t it?
Digital marketing has evolved dramatically with time. And the internet has expanded considerably too. As a digital marketer, you’ll have to promote businesses over the internet.
All the online ads you see, the content you read, and the images you see online are in one way or another related to the work of a digital marketer.
Just like this, we’ll be discovering a few other reasons as to why digital marketing career choices are great for you.
Digital marketing: What is it?
The methods and techniques you use to promote a product or service online will fall under digital marketing. Just like traditional marketing, its main goal is to attract an audience and generate leads.
Digital marketing has many domains including social media, search engines, email, etc. With time, the complexity and importance of digital marketing roles have also increased.
It’s an ever-evolving field so the techniques that were effective a few years back might not be useful today. As a digital marketer, you’ll be using multiple tools and techniques to promote businesses.
No of internet users in India
Internet users to reach 829 million by 2021. Based on last year’s targets

Why is it important?

Modern students are less responsive to traditional marketing techniques. Instead, they expect to be engaged through digital media. In addition to reaching out to your target audience through social media, they can be touch-based by a host of digital platforms. In this regard, SEO and SEM activities acquire a lot of importance.
The most prominent reason why digital marketing has become an important tool of the marketing landscape is its ability to connect with your target audience instantly. Millennials today are constantly hooked on social media for gathering information. They have been brought up in an environment where digital familiarity is a must.
The parent community is also quickly adapting to the growing importance of digital technologies such as smartphones and the internet. Most parents nowadays use smartphones and mobile apps or access the internet to manage and organize their day-to-day work.Social Media Marketing Helps to establish Trust Factor with your Target Audience.

Why is it important?

  • Today everything is going digital, including your simplest apps that facilitate your job require you to be aware of online methods. Would the knowledge of required tools not help you think of creating a new business in that domain? There is always a scope to create something new in an already established industry.
  •   Creating trends and hashtags and rolling your business online with a good initial push on Social Media platforms are the added advantage of learning Digital Marketing.
  •   Digital Marketing teaches you how to maintain your business portfolio through Google Business Page so that even if you are not a renowned business, your customers can reach you.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)—
Whether it is a simple Robot easing your work or doing programming for you—is now slowly becoming a reality in Digital Marketing. The next 5 years are going to be crucial with respect to its advent in Digital Marketing.
And especially since the covid-19 pandemic, Digital marketing has now turned into a necessity. Ideally, it is one of the most effective ways to reach your target market while they’re stuck at home and spending a lot of time on the Internet.
What are the Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is a broad sector with a variety of sectors present in it. So, whether you’re a creative person or a technical one, you’ll find something for yourself in this field. Here are some of the prominent digital marketing skills and their roles:

  •   Search Engine Optimization
  •   Social Media Marketing
  •   Content Marketing
  •   Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization
Google receives around 60,000 searches per second every day. People search on these platforms to get answers. And with the help of SEO, you can make sure that when they search for something related to your website, they find it.
Businesses are focusing on SEO to get more traffic for their websites. If your audience is huge, then you can have more customers as well. SEO depends on multiple factors such as the loading speed of the website, keyword optimization, etc. As an SEO manager, you will have to identify the reasons why your website is performing poorly SEO-wise and fix the same.
SEO takes time to show results but a better rank in SERPs can help in strengthening the brand and generate more awareness.
Social Media Marketing
Social media platforms are a gold mine for digital marketers. Take, for example, Facebook, which has around 2 billion monthly users.
Other social media platforms also have millions of users all across the globe. These platforms let the marketers go where the audiences are. They can communicate with their prospects directly and create thriving followings for their brand. For example, Wendy’s is famous for its witty Tweets.
As their tweets get popular among Twitter users, their brand popularity also increases. This way they are able to stay in touch with their customers and offer a better experience to the same.
Digital marketers have to perform such tasks and manage the social media presence of their clients.
Content Marketing
Content marketing refers to the creation and promotion of valuable content for the audience. It helps in establishing trust in the audience and attracting new visitors.
All the content you see online, whether it’s a blog article or a YouTube video, is a result of content marketing. Brands are able to help their prospects by solving their real-life problems through high-quality content. As a digital marketer, you’ll have to plan, create and promote the content for different brands. You’ll also have to identify which form of content would be perfect for the company as well as which platforms would suit it the most. Content marketing is mainly popular among B2B marketers. Blogs of various companies including Outbrain and Neil Patel are great examples of content marketing.
This role requires creativity and a clear understanding of the brand’s requirements.
Email Marketing
Companies use email marketing for both outbound as well as inbound marketing. They release ads on emails to reach customers where they are. And they create email newsletters for turning followers into customers. As a digital marketer, you’ll have to increase the number of newsletter signups, create compelling content for the newsletters and convert the subscribers into customers.
Email is still one of the most powerful online tools for lead generation. That’s why companies are so dependent on email marketing. You will also have to make yourself familiar with different email marketing tools such as MailChimp.
The above were only a few of the many sectors present in digital marketing. Each of them helps a brand in a unique way and as a digital marketer, you will have to master them.
Reasons to choose a Career in Digital Marketing:
Everything is getting digitized. Companies in all sectors are focusing on developing a robust online presence. And for that purpose, they are hiring digital marketers. In digital marketing, career growth is also fast. That’s why so many people are opting for a career in digital marketing. Here are a few other reasons why you should study this skill:

  •  High Demand for Digital Marketers
  •  Great Growth Prospects
  •  Start Your Own Business (or Promote the Existing One)
  •  Get Better Pay
  •  Easy to Start a Career
  •  Full of Variety
  •  A Technical and Creative Field
  •  No special education background is required
  •  Better job security
  •  Free-lance job opportunities
  •  You can explore different sectors

High Demand for Digital Marketers
Around 69% of companies were going to hire more marketers, according to a report by Marketing Hiring Trends.
The report also found that there is a considerable gap between the supply and demand of digital marketing professionals. The demand stood at around 59%, but the supply was only 19%.
It means companies are dying to hire digital marketers. And learning an in-demand skill never hurts. It only means that you can get better-paying jobs with more security after learning such a highly demanded skill.
Great Growth Prospects
Digital marketing skills will keep seeing an increase in demand in the near future. Why? And that’s because the digital economy is growing 10x faster than the offline economy.
There are many reasons why digital marketing skills will keep rising in demand. Companies know how beneficial the internet and digital platforms are. Digital marketing lets them reach a wider audience, scale their business further, and generate more revenue.
Setting up a business online, running ad campaigns, developing content strategies are a few of the tasks a digital marketing expert does to provide such results.
But without trained digital marketing professionals, they can’t do these tasks. That’s why the demand for these skills will continue to increase.
Start Your Own Business (or Promote the Existing One)
Digital marketers have ample knowledge of multiple online tools and platforms. They can start websites, create products, and sell them to the targeted market.
If you study digital marketing skills thoroughly, you can start an online business yourself if you want. Or, you can even become a digital marketing consultant and start a freelancing business.
For people wanting to become entrepreneurs, learning digital marketing is imperative. You’d be able to reduce the costs of your business’s promotion, target the right audience, and measure your progress better with the help of this knowledge.
Get Better Pay
Want to increase your salary? Start learning digital marketing.
As we mentioned earlier, there is a massive demand for digital marketing professionals. Because of the high demand, the pay for digital marketing roles is also high.
You can get better roles in the organization because of your expertise, which can help you enhance your salary.
Digital marketing managers earn around 5 to 10 lakhs per year. Social Media Managers earn about 6 to 8 lakh rupees per year, as well. Wouldn’t a pay raise be amazing?
Easy to Start a Career
If you want to become an engineer, you will need to get a degree in engineering. If you want to become a pilot, you will have to go to aviation school and get a license.
But if you want to become a digital marketer, you will only need to practice the essential online marketing techniques, create a portfolio, and you’ll be good to go.
You don’t need to get another degree or go to college to start a career in this field. Entering the sector is quite easy.
Plus, the digital marketing community is amicable and full of amazing people. So, if you ever have a question, you can ask around or look it up online, you’ll find an answer. If you want to start a new career, digital marketing would be a great choice.
Full of Variety
IWere are you using WhatsApp in 2011? Or were you using Google Assistant to look up stuff in 2015?
The answer would most probably be no.
These examples show how fast the internet changes. It changes every year, and these changes aren’t negligible, they’re the opposite. And digital marketers have to adapt themselves to these changes constantly.
So, they are always learning new stuff and mastering new techniques. If you’re looking for a field that is full of novelty and variety, then you should go for digital marketing.
No Specific Background Education Required
If you wish to learn digital marketing, you can go ahead and pursue it without worrying about your educational background. Your academic background holds little or no importance.
Yes, it might be slightly easier for a marketing student or professional to grasp the principles of digital marketing, but it does not mean it would be a challenge to others. If you’re really keen on learning digital marketing, all you have to do is apply yourself and think out of the box.
Better job security
If you want job security, now is the right time to equip some digital marketing skills. Because digital marketing technologies will only adapt and advance further. Let’s consider the current COVID -19 pandemic.
It nearly shut every company and industry down. And to survive in this market, what did the companies do? They adapted too! Companies sped up their digital transformation as it is the only way to communicate with their consumers.
Some experts have even termed digital careers as a ‘recession-proof career’.
Free-lance job opportunities
If you know digital marketing through and through, you can start your own freelancing business and offer your digital marketing services to clients. Instead of traveling to work every day, you can work from the comfort of your own home! All you need is a functioning laptop and internet. Many freelancers have been able to carve out profitable careers for themselves and if you think you’re not the typical office-going person, this is the perfect career option for you.
You Can Explore Different Sectors
If you wish to switch to a different sector or want to have the freedom to switch, then learning digital marketing is the right step for you.
Digital marketing literally applies to every sector in the world. From pharmaceuticals to fashion, from education to service, you name it, the demand for digital marketing remains the same in every sector.
Digital marketing will help you efficiently apply yourself and build a lucrative career in every sector.
As of June 2020, 56% of total sales come from social media.
Benefits of Digital Marketing

  1. Global reach

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is that it has removed all sorts of geographical barriers.

You can open your doors to foreign countries and offer your services to customers living miles away. You can market to them with just a click and create awareness to people who otherwise had no chances of knowing about your existence.

While we do know that considering a global audience is a very huge number, but that problem can be solved with the next benefit of digital marketing.

  1.  Niche Targeting

Niche targeting means reaching out only to those people who fit your criteria. This can be done with the help of digital marketing. When you advertise on digital platforms, you can filter out the audience as per the qualities that match your target audience and then run ads.

For example, you can filter the location as India, then further filter them as women between the age group of 25-40 and then further go on to filter them as women who are working. That is how detailed targeting can get and even further. Thus, it is the most desirable benefit of digital marketing.

  1. Affordability

We consider this as the biggest benefit of digital marketing. In the end, all business activities boil down to the money they require. With the extensive reach offered by digital marketing, the costs are comparatively affordable and not a burden.

In fact, the ROI on digital marketing efforts is considerably higher than traditional marketing. This also allows small-scale businesses and start-ups to make optimum use of digital marketing without causing very heavy stress on their budgets.

  1. Trackable & Measurable results

In our opinion, any company strategy is a waste of time if you cannot measure your performance. This basically means making efforts in the blind.

Compiling a strong strategy and implementing it is just half the battle. Tracking your performance, measuring your success/failure, and taking corrective steps is the ultimate goal. With platforms like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can track the performance of your digital marketing campaigns end-to-end. That’s how you decide what works best for you and continue those strategies.

  1. Improved Conversion Rates

As we saw above, with the help of tracking the performance, we can assess where our maximum sales came from and accordingly target consumers.

Thus, it simply means higher conversion rates as we invest where we are in demand. In traditional marketing, it is difficult to impossible to find out where the lead got converted from and thus you may be wasting your time on the wrong leads.

But with digital marketing, this can be solved by targeting a similar audience that had the maximum leads converted.

  1. A/B Testing

One of the greatest features of digital marketing is the ability to test 2 different ideas for the same campaign.

Suppose you were running a digital marketing campaign and you are confused between the creatives of the campaign. With A/B Testing, you can run both the creatives to 50-50 of your target audience and see what performed better. This way you can finalize your campaign’s creativity based on results and not just your instinct or gut.

  1. Personalization

With the help of niche marketing, you can send out personalized messages to a similar audience which increases your chances of converting them into consumers. Personalization is the key to a consumer’s mind and helping him remember your business. Email Marketing is the best form of personalized marketing which lets you formally communicate with your customers but with a personalized message.

  1.  Win Customer Loyalty

Winning a customer’s loyalty is the ultimate win for a company. They are the best marketers for your business.

You can retain such valuable customers by sending them out personalized messages for sales and discounts and coupon codes.

You can also remarket to them specifically with special offers and promotions. This ensures that they don’t shift to your competitors in your absence.

  1. Higher Engagement

We’re all well aware of how people are so interactive and active on social media platforms. This gives a chance to businesses to post interactive content, engage with their customers and answer their queries.

Customers love when brands listen to them and respond to them effectively. They prefer brands that value their voice. Thus, with the help of social media management and marketing, you can effectively communicate with potential customers and build your relationship & reputation.

  1. Increase social currency

Social currency is ultimately the presence that you have on digital platforms. It is somewhat your digital footprint. With the help of digital marketing, you can consistently increase your social currency, which means your online presence gets bigger and stronger.

How is this beneficial? With everyone present online, the more you are visible to people, the higher the chances of your business being noticed. Which finally brings in more sales. Thus, increasing your social currency is very important.

Types of revenue we get from digital advertising

All from social media channels


There is a huge demand in the industry for skilled digital marketing professionals but the supply is not quite there. This is where students can bridge this skill gap and carve a career in digital marketing.
Be it you’re a creative person, an analytical thinker, or both, there’s a place for everyone in Digital Marketing.
It is one of the hottest career fields and is opted by many undergraduate and graduate students.
The digital marketing job opportunities for a fresher are very wide and it offers a lot of scope in terms of professional growth as well. Thus, if you are a student who’s looking to kick start your career in digital marketing, you’re absolutely on the right track.

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