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Social Media Marketing


Around 4 billion people currently use social media worldwide. These social network platforms have changed the way people would interact with businesses, friends, and family, and consume news.
It helps out businesses to interact and engage with their target audience and promote their products and services. This article will help you to navigate through some social media basics. By the time you will reach the end of this guide you will have a clear understanding of types of Social Media, influencers, and how to get started with Social Media Marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media platforms to connect with your audiences to build your brand, increase sales demand and website traffic.
Social Media Marketing is an influential way for businesses of all dimensions to reach their target audiences. Your target audience is so far interacting with many brands through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. So if you are not active on social media and not engaging with your audience you are missing a wonderful opportunity.

Types of Social Media Marketer Should Know
Social Networking Sites

Many of us are familiar with social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These sites help us to connect with family, friends and engage with brands. They provide a way for sharing knowledge and social interaction.

So here it is how can social networking sites help businesses?

  • Reach a target audience through great advertising ads: These sites have diverse and vast communities. Advertisers can interact with the customer based on specific metrics. These platforms help to maintain customer relationships with the existing ones and reach new ones. For example, if a marketer wants to reach a young customer they may advertise their ad on sites like Snapchat.
  • Grow Network: Interact with the followers, find the potential customers and partners and build connections through hashtags, groups.
  • Customer  Research: Social networking sites are a prominent place for digging up the customer buying behavior, and using social media listening and tracking tools to track conversions. This analysis will help you to serve your audience in a better way.

Social review sites
So what’s the one thing you do when u are planning to buy a new product or service or planning for a trip?. Most of us will visit a review site to get the required information.
Review sites like Amazon, TripAdvisor, BingPlaces will display reviews from all kinds of locations and experiences the user shares.

Checking the reviews of the customer will be beneficial for the businesses to understand them:

  • Analyze the customer’s perspective: Reviews provide a glimpse into the customer experience from their perspective. Use this to identify what’s working, as well as areas that need improvement.
  • Deal with problems: Reviews give you the chance to converse with reviewers and respond to any challenges that may arise before they become serious issues.

Image Sharing Sites

We are captivated by the power of visual content like images, infographics, and illustrations. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Imgur, and Snapchat make visual sharing even more effective.

These sites allow users to create, curate to share images that spark conversation and speak for themselves. Your businesses  can use these sites to 

  • Create a social media campaign to encourage users to take and share a picture using your product and unique hashtags. 
  • By creating, curating, and sharing your own images, you will inspire and engage users, helping them bond over their common interests.

Video Hosting Sites

The popularity of YouTube has revolutionized how we watch, create, and think about video. It has made the medium of video more accessible. Technological advancements have aided the progress of the video.

Creators can produce content on video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo and share it on a platform that’s optimized for streaming.

Can use video hosting sites to:

  • Provide great content to your audience: Creators can use YouTube to build communities and gain exposure for their content, which is a bit obvious.
  • Get to know your viewers: YouTube’s comment section offers plenty of opportunities to engage


Social Media Marketing Influencers

A social media influencer is one who has contact with a relevant viewer that we want to get contact with and can convince those viewers to take action on influence and originality.

A social media influencer that we or our social media agency need to manage with ought to have a relevant viewer to target the particular audience, need manifest their influence among others, influencers need focus on high-level viewers engagement, need to focus on their work on an old brand with their best result, mainly influencer should focus on high-level content.

Social media influencers are mainly working on and with the people who can spread the message to viewers with their social media platform, also it reaches new and previous audiences to make them feel something that they are doing and also estimate the brand development result.

Categorization of Social Media Influencers

  •       Celebrity Influencers
  •       Micro-Influencers
  •       Media Influencers
  •       Power Influencers
  •       Connectors


Celebrity Influencers

Celebrity Influencers are the people who are very hard to approach directly to meet. Because we know generally that they are surrounded by protectors to save them. Celebrity influencers will charge mega amounts for agreements and other campaigns because the one tweet of a celebrity on social media forms a huge difference in product brand.


Micro-Influencers are the influencer who has the expertise and best influence in the specific niche. Micro-influencers won’t have influential power but they will provide more value for specific and rare viewers in social media.

Media Influencers

Media influencers will be having access to viewers of the magazine because most of the media influencer is Journalist who writes many articles in all magazines. sometimes these people have power in influence to publish articles they write.

Power Influencers

Power Influencers will be having more influence through writing books, blogs, giving speeches at events, podcasts, etc. They have the capability to attract more audiences but they don’t have a status like celebrities to approach. But sometimes it’s good to connect with power influencers because they will lightly connect with bigger-name celebrities.


Connectors are the people known by each and every one. They even no need big viewers or audiences because they are well connected with the audience. Connectors are natural influencers and other influencers work for this connector.

There are different programs that influencers can sign up for making brand ambassadors for brand and product, activation of events, Campaigns, Setting goals, etc. Once we do these influencers help to create awareness, decision making, taking actions for success, etc.

For structural work for social media influencers marketing have directives like, there should be clarity in brand, reality in their sale and product brand, niches, measures, etc.

Consider how and why we use Social media marketing and types of it with influencers. To learn about additional items or to obtain information about them. Be a part of Digital Growth Architect as a starting point for our learning adventure, and contact us for additional information.

Community blogs


Occasionally, an image or post isn’t complex enough for the message you’re trying to convey, but not everyone wants to use a self-hosted blog.

Blog platforms like Medium and Tumblr give people a place to express their thoughts and connect with readers.

Community blog sites allow for plenty of customization and self-expression while providing audiences.                                                                                                                    


Discussion Sites


Many of us have seen heated discussions on Facebook, but discussion sites like Reddit and Quora are designed specifically to spark debate. Everyone is free to make statements and ask questions this attracts people with curiosities. 

Let us see how these sites can help your business?

  • Analysis: Reddit is a network of communities. With a bit of analysis and research can find and interact with the people in your field, understand what they are asking, and can use this as a starting point for the marketing plan.
  • Providing solutions for questions: Quora users ask all kinds of questions. Providing answers to them may establish you as a thought leader and drive more leads to your website.


How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing

  • Analyze Your Target Audience

Social media platforms are preferred by different audiences. As a result, you should reach out to your prospects on their preferred channel.

  • Establish a brand account for your business

It is now necessary to create social profiles on each platform you choose. It is important that you maintain an outstanding brand identity here. On these social media platforms, you want to stay on the minds of your prospects.

  • Stay on top of your content publishing

Need follow some content marketing steps like Sharing content, when you publish new posts, Sharing your posts at the right time, Interacting with your audience through social media. So also helps and makes It is tough to figure out what you need to do to succeed in business, but don’t obsess over every detail.

  • Analysis of Your Metrics

Monitoring progress is always an essential part of any marketing strategy. Your content should be driving the best results and you should know how to improve it. The most significant SMM metrics that you should keep track of are post-impression, post engagements, number of likes, viewer tag on the account.

  • Create a Followings

The last stage is to bring leads to your website and convert them into repeat clients. and at this stage, your target market already trusts your brand and offerings so all you have to do now is make them an irresistible offer.

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